Art... And how I have to get back to it. / by Larry Charles

Getting back into it
It's been too long since art school. Though I knew full well going into the game development industry to be a designer, I would not get a lot of opportunities to do any artwork anymore. But now it's very easy to get a hold of an engine and make a game or experience and share it with the world. With Unreal going free, Unity going free, Crytek free, and all these amazing art tools, the indie dev itch has taken hold. I want to develop stuff!

The dream
It's always been a dream of mine to open and run my own small game development studio. Ideally it would be just a light crew of developers working on small projects throughout the year. Now I know this dream is still at least 7 or 8 years away, I feel that there's no excuse to not start making my own games today. So as I type this, Maya 2017 is installing on my computer and I'm just about to embark on my artistic journey. Now I know I'm keeping this blog design focused, but if my trials in 3D start to look half decent I may share them soon enough. The goal for now is to just be able to do the art for my own games. I feel like there's no excuse now. 

So here goes nothing... wish me luck!