Getting Ready to Develop VR Games - Part 001 / by Larry Charles

My old rig lasted 6 years without any hint or need of an upgrade, but that all changed when the HTC Vive launched. It only took one game demo Fantastic Contraption to let me know that I had to start developing my own ideas for Virtual Reality. I really do believe it's like a new frontier. Virtual reality as we know it today is the jump in innovation that I was looking for between the PS3 and PS4 generations. Wondering how close I was to being ready to begin, I ran the spec check and failed... I didn't have enough GPU so I decided to change that first.

Fast forward 3 months and a few Nvidia announcements later, the prices came down on the GTX 1080's so I got one. Throwing this bad boy into my old rig tonight to see if I can get started in VR with my new "current" setup or if I need to just go ahead and upgrade. We shall see. In the event this wont do the trick though, I've put togeter a VR build that I will put together this year anyway. Let me know what you think of the build specs...

Larry's VR Build

Either way though, I'm excited