Xbox One March Update = Dope / by Larry Charles

All the new juice headed our way from Microsoft this month.

Loving the BEAM support, I can get behind anything that delivers low to no latency streaming and viewing simultaneously, but I do want to test it out myself. I know a lot of people use twitch, but its only good for streamers and viewers if there is some competition in the same space. That means the innovations will flow. Either way, looking forward to putting in some real streaming time on a BEAM account for myself.

New controller mappings in copilot mode is the biggest feature I'm excited about to be honest. I know too many people that aren't "into" games or don't have the coordination that a lot of us seasoned veterans do. Spending quality game time with these folks can make things a bit frustrating for both parties. I imagine now, it will be easier and often even more fun to connect with my lesser adept friends and still enjoy good content. I imagine parents with young children who want to "play with mommy, or daddy" will take advantage of this. Put all the hoot buttons on the child controller while you handle the more difficult navigations on yours. Quality game time for both!