Laughs From Your Old Demo Reel / by Larry Charles

I started developing games when I was young. As the son of divorced career driven parents that used computers as babysitters, you find a way to entertain yourself. I chose to make my own comic books and games. Fast forward a few decades to just after graduating college and needing to get a job as a designer I put together my second demo reel. Every few years or so I actually go back and watch it. As embarrassing as it may be, there is magic in doing this.

When I look back at the demo reel, I think back to when I was a younger me, believing in a dream. I feel the excitement again that lead me down this career path. I also get a treat because I can see how far along I've come in my career. Through all the ups and downs I'm still around! So in honor of all of the people out there who can relate, the people who still go back and watch their old demo reels too... This one's for us! Happy game developing everyone!

2011 Demo Reel