Unity 5.6 is here... So what's next? / by Larry Charles

Just announced today, Unity 5.6 is no longer in beta and is available for public use. Unity is fighting toe to toe with Unreal for indie engine dominance and definitely encroaching on some of Unreal's territory as the best consumer AAA game development engine available as well. With this version of Unity we get some major improvements to the engine, especially in the lighting department with the inclusion of Vulcan.

The big news is though, the folks at Unity call this version 5.6, the last iteration of the Unity engine in it's 5.0 life cycle. So that begs the question to be asked, what's next? What are they cooking up for Unity 6.0? According to this blog, there will be no Unity 6.0 as the team has decided to move their updates to a YEAR.Version format for what could be Unity 2017.3 or Unity 2018.1 for example.

Now I imagine we wont hear from Unity for a while, as having just released this version with it's improvements will have to hold us over for a while but I'd be willing to bet we will see a glimpse of what's on the Horizon for the Unity engine at the 2018 Game Developers Conference. With the rest of this year to churn away at the architecture, improve some of the performance and of course "tightening up the graphics" I'd be willing to bet, Unity will come out guns blazing this time next year. I have no inside information, this is all speculative, but keep your eyes on the black and white box, I know they're up to something...

Anyway, go get Unity 5.6 and make some cool games!

Get the full release notes on Unity 5.6 here