Sr. Level Designer
Section Studios
Unannounced Title
February 2016 : Present

Level Designer
Obsidian Entertainment
Armored Warfare
July 2015 : February 2016

Level Designer
Sledgehammer Games
Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare
February 2013 : July 2015

Level Designer
Spark Unlimited
Lost Planet 3
July 2011 : January 2013

Level Designer
Killspace Entertainment
January 2010 : February 2011
Yar's Revenge

-Lead single player design team.
-Restructured SP content design pipeline.
-Principal designer for multiplayer mode.
-Economy balancing & monitization strategist.

-Inherited 4 multiplayer maps to support.
-Bug fixing, map polish.
-Principal designer for an all new game mode.

-Principal designer on single player "Aftermath".
-Principal designer on multi player "Parliament".
-Assistant designer on single player "Armada"
-Designer of the "Skylight" score streak.

-Principal designer on single player "Kovac's Lab".
-Studio expert on quest system tools.
-Inherited, balanced and polished a boss fight.
-Implemented world fill combat in over 20 areas.

-Principal designer on "Yar's Villiage B".
-Scripted the game's tutorial in LUA.
-Balancing & Bug fixing for 3 other levels.

Unreal 4, 3, 2.0
Gamebryo Lightspeed
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Microsoft Excel

Art Institute of California - Orange County
Bachelors of Science - Game Art & Design
2005 : 2007