Larry Games is Live! / by Larry Charles

After months of hard work, planning, recording and editing, I have finally lifted the digital silk cloth from my new game development training resource. Larry Games is live. The mission I have for Larry Games is simple. I just want to show people how to make games but with a twist. I've designed classes to walk you through my lesson plans on everything from Intro to Game development and eventually work all the way up to portfolio level courses and they'll all be free. Right now I'm supporting two new classes simultaneously by releasing new video content each week. This allows new students a chance to follow along at a nice pace, while also giving me the time to keep producing more content. 

With this project, I'm also going to be doing Case Studies where I take a published game and do a thorough investigation into the experience and break it down to it's core. The goal with these case studies is to show my students how the professionals are achieving great moments and game experiences, while helping demystify the processes of professional development. I wont be reviewing games in hopes of helping people make or avoid purchasing, but more to help interested developers better understand high level game development techniques.

Finally, to help drive my own creative projects I've committed to a "Threemium" project. This last endeavor is a challenge to complete a brand new game every 90 days. I'll be documenting from start to finish how I design, build, test, polish and ship games. I'll be switching it up every so often between making video games, or making analog games but every project will be released into the wild on it's 90th day. However good or bad it is, once 90 day's has passed I will stop working on it and get ready for the next challenge. I want this project to help build interaction between myself and my students, while showing them my entire indie game development process and pipeline while letting them help test and offer feedback on my designs as I approach the 90th day.

In a nutshell... I love game development and I want to share that with as many people as possible. Larry Games is live, and I'm finally going to go to bed. I'm so excited about this and cant wait to see how far this grows. So if you're interested in this sort of thing please subscribe to the youtube channel.