Horizon Zero Dawn gives me Hope for AAA Game Development! / by Larry Charles

This past weekend I purchased Horizon Zero Dawn for my PS4. If you're anything like me, you're happy enough to even say you finally own it. Clamoring for the game for over a year after seeing the teasers, trailers and articles behind the new franchise, I was hooked as soon as I saw hunting robot beasts in the wild. Chewing off a sliver of the plastic wrap so I could free this game from its retail prison I couldn't wait to finally see if the hype lived up to the expectations. As I write this I am about 17% of the way through the story-line and only have one thing to say about the experience...

Thank You

Guerrilla Games, seriously, thank you. I haven't been lost in the fantasy of a game in some time. The game industry at the AAA level seemed to be getting stale to me, and at a rate faster than I was comfortable accepting. It's becoming so hard to see the numbers tally up next to the name of what used to be some of my favorite franchises "back in the day". It just seemed like the big games weren't going to take risks anymore. I cant tell you how many times I've saved the world from terrorists this year alone. 

Not going to spoil it for you, its a good game.

I hope more publishers and studios come together to bet on new ideas again. As hard as it may be to put two hundred million dollars or more into a brand new idea and hope for the best, I believe as professional developers and seasoned game development decision makers we can indeed achieve greatness even still. HZD is an astounding example. In selling over 2.16 million copies in its first week it becomes Sony's best Playstation exclusive new IP launch ever. This isn't a review, this isn't even a fanboy email. It's simply a true fan of video games, taking a moment to share his excitement over a product that should be an example for what is possible even in today's greedy, sure bets only development market.