My dream machine Ryzen 1800x is ready! / by Larry Charles

My old rig has seen better days folks. It couldn't be avoided. I was unsatisfied with the frame rate when trying to record tutorials, presentations and games for my students. I bought my previous computer from Cyberpower PC 6 or 7 years ago and returned to the same company to handle my upgrade. I configured a pretty beastly little multipurpose rig. I wanted to make sure I could game at 60fps and record or stream it. I also wanted to knock down my build lighting times in Unreal to something tolerable ;) Without further adieu, here's my new baby.

Larry Gamestation!
AMD Ryzen 1800x
Nvidia GTX 1080
32gb DDR4 Ram @2400
6tb of total Hard Drive Space
500gb SSD

For bench-marking purposes, here's a recording of me playing Doom at 60fps on highest settings. So the rig is playing and recording at 60+ fps simultaneously. Note though, my OBS wasn't set to 1920x1080 so I'll run another test later. In the end... Money well spent, time to make some more games!