Free Online Game Design Course? / by Larry Charles

For the last 4 years I have been teaching video game development at 3 different Art Institute campuses. Though I loved working in person with all of the students, I found it troubling that I could only really help a few students at a time hone their game design skills. On top of that, I knew the students were paying anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 per class! That weighed on me for a while. You see, debt is real. Sallie Mae comes over for dinner once a month, rain or shine, and the students are graduating into a field expecting entry level work to be able to help them sustain roughly 100k worth of student loan debt... I decided to change that.

I'm currently finishing the first "semester" of classes for people interested in learning how to design games and design levels. This online course will be free. I want someone who is a complete novice in game development to take my classes and learn everything they need to know to be a desirable entry level designer for games. It's a tall order, but its a mission I believe needs to be achieved and this post marks the start.

The first class Intro to Video Game Development will Launch March 1st.